How You Can Help

1.  By far the most important thing you can do for us is pray.  Our constant prayer as we cut fabric, make kits, and sew 
     dresses is that every little girl who receives a dress will also receive Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.

2.  You can make a donation.  

      Unfortunately, some of our best donated items have come from the death of a former quilter.  We have had several children     
      donate their deceased mother's sewing stash.  We also watch for estate and garage sales for fabric, embellishments, and

       You may send your donations to our address:

Dress A Girl New Mexico
Att: Donna McFadden
147 Yucca Drive
Portales, New Mexico 88130

        Below is a list of needed items.

       100% cotton fabric – Quilting fabric is perfect. is a great place to buy fabric because you can buy it by
                                         the bolt at $2.45 a yard. A 15 yard bolt is just $36.75 and will make 15 to 25 dresses, depending on the

        1/2" wide elastic

        1/2" wide double fold bias tape

.        875-inch-wide double fold bias tape quilt binding


        Rick rack, lace, buttons, grosgrain ribbon and other embellishments for dresses

3.  You can donate money to ship the dresses.

      We learned a hard lesson very early on about shipping the dresses.  The cheapest and most effective way to get dresses to an
      overseas destination is in a suitcase with a person who is traveling there.  We have had several people donate rolling suitcases
      that we fill with dresses in vacuum storage bags.  We can get 75 dresses in a medium case and 100 - 125 in a large case.  The
      cost of a second suitcase is about $40.00.  We put $50.00 in an envelope in the front pocket, so the traveler doesn't have to
      pay for our dresses.

4.  You can help us make connections with missionaries who need dresses for their ministry.

      As I listened to the testimony of a young lady who went to Zambia this summer and took 75 dresses to distribute, I was
      reminded of this verse in the Bible.

      "A man's gift makes room for him."  Proverbs 18:16

       The young lady explained that the people of the village were so excited when they came to pass out the dresses that they
       would literally follow them from hut to hut.  The young pastor would share the gospel and then they would hand out the
       dresses.  Everyone would follow them to the next hut, therefore, the people heard the gospel over and over and over.